Structural Welding

Sund Mfg has a variety of welding equipment and a team of certified welders ready to take on any job. Our welders use a variety of processes including GMAW, FCAW, and are certified to AWS D1.1


Whether it is a steel or wood structure, we offer a large variety of buildings and enclosures insulated and ready to withstand the harsh climates where our equipment is in service. As a ND-based fabricator, we know what it takes to build a structure that can withstand the large temperature swings and bitter cold that our equipment needs to operate in.


We have a highly trained team of professionals ready to assemble our products according to engineered packages, whether those packages are developed by you or by our Engineering Team at Sund Mfg.

Pipe Welding

Our team of pipe welders are certified in accordance with ASME Section IX, B31.3, and API 1104. We utilize a variety of equipment ensuring our weldments are of the highest quality possible. We use multiple processes including GMAW, SMAW, and GTAW. We also offer NDE as well as hydrostatic testing on site.

Paint And Blast

Sund Mfg is leading the industry in complex coating applications. With our 7,700 sq ft Paint and Blast facility we can handle your complex coating project – with ease. The blast and paint booths measure 36x22x18 allowing for proficient handling of large projects in a climate-controlled environment. We have highly trained operators and a comprehensive Q&A program ensuring that your requirements and expectations will be met.

electrical capabilities - wiring


With the capability of wiring products in our facility, it ensures our products are truly plug and play – saving you valuable time and money by cutting down on field installation costs.